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Isn’t it wonderful to be a woman?

Isn’t it wonderful to be a woman?


Reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)


Relief for symptoms related to postmenopause

Relief for symptoms related to postmenopause


Discover our concept

Discover our concept

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After one month of taking Cycledoux, my painful premenstrual nausea is lessened.
Mayumi, 33 years old

Since I started taking Cycledoux, my premenstrual abdominal and back pain has improved and my mental health has also been relieved of its irritability and instability. I also feel that my menstrual cycle is regulated. I like it because it is easy to take in capsule form.
Asako, 38 years old

After two months of “CYCLEDOUX”, my cycle went back to normal and I noticed an improvement with my mood disorders
Miyo, 35 years old

I have very violent PMS. The pain is so unbearable that I need to lie down non stop. I started taking “CYCLEDOUX” during my menstruation and immediately felt an improvement. The pain disppeared. I’m going to keep on taking it.
Sachiko, 28 years old

My period stopped for three months because of dieting and stress. My friend advised me to take “CYCLEDOUX”. After one month of “CYCLEDOUX” my period came back. I am impressed and will keep on taking it.
Ayumi, 34 years old

I was suffering from hot flashes. I tried many products, but only Ménoaide worked for me. I will continue to take it.
Hafida, 59 years old

I take Menoaide every morning. My skin is firm all over my body, the intimate area around my vagina is well hydrated and I can feel the hormones inside my body. My breasts have also come back to life and I feel like I am 10 years younger. I feel that my internal balance has improved and I have the same bowel movements as when I was younger. My bowels are clearer. I feel very confident in my body. I can't do without it anymore.
Kiko, 57 years old

Improves libido and keep mucous membranes moist.
Evelyne, 63 years old

MENOAIDE brings a feeling of general well-being
Françoise, 60 years old

I am satisfied with the product and continue taking MENOAIDE. I promoted it to my gynecologist.
Odile, 63 years old


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