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Payment process

What are the payment options?

  • You can pay with a credit card (Visa, Master, American Express)

When will I be charged after placing an order?

  • You will be charged immediately after placing an order.

After-sales services

I placed an order but didn’t receive any confirmation.

  • First, make sure the e-mail address you’ve registered is correct.
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May I cancel, return or change my order?

  • We can’t process any cancellation once the order has been placed and paid.
  • If your order is defective at the delivery, please contact us and send us photos of the damaged products. You have one week to do so.


What is the delivery cost?

  • The rate is the same than Colissimo (French post office)
    Shipping costs appear when you enter your address.

What is the delivery time for an order?

  • The delivery time in France is 4 to 7 days.


Can I take CYCLEDOUX ( or MENOAIDE) with other medications or food supplements?

  • Please ​send us by e-mail the medications or food supplements you are taking in order for us to answer your questions.
    The instructions state all the precautions for use, it is imperative that you read them all before taking CYCLEDOUX or MENOAIDE.

When and how can I take CYCLEDOUX or MENOAIDE?

  • CYCLEDOUX has to be taken continuously over several months.
    CYCLEDOUX intake: 2 capsules per day at breakfast.
    MENOAIDE needs to be taken continuously 2 years after the end of your last menstruation.
    MENOAIDE intake: (1) + 1 capsule of blister MENOAIDE (2) per day at breakfast.

How long can I take CYCLEDOUX (or MENOAIDE), and when should I stop taking the food supplements?

  • After a few months, if the symptoms have disappeared, CYCLEDOUX can be stopped.
    ​If the symptoms disappeared, it is no longer necessary to take it.
    ​If a few months after, the symptoms reappear, you can start CYCLEDOUX again for a short period.

Can I take more than the recommended daily dose?

  • No, you have to respect the indicated dose.

Can the CYCLEDOUX (or MENOAIDE) be taken with any other drink than water?

  • The best drink is the water.

Can I break the capsule in two and pour its content in water?

  • Yes, you can.

Are there any side effects reported when taking the CYCLEDOUX (or MENOAIDE)?
​I’ve been feeling some discomfort since I started taking the CYCLEDOUX (or MENOAIDE)

  • ​It is important to ensure that CYCLEDOUX (or MENOAIDE) meet your needs.
    CYCLEDOUX covers the women hormonal cycles from puberty to menopause.
    MENOAIDE targets postmenopausal women (two years after the end of menstruation).
    ​If taking a dietary supplement is a source of discomfort, please review the merits of its use.

What are the storage conditions?

  • Room temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.

Can I keep it in the fridge?

  • ​It is not necessary.

Are additives used in the CYCLEDOUX (and MENOAIDE)?

  • They contain some stearate magnesium.
    ​The capsules
    of our new products are made of pullulan, which is a natural substance.

What is the expiration date?

  • The expiration date is displayed on the box.

​I have allergies to some nutrients.

  • Please see the list of ingredients and make sure they are not among the substances you are allergic to.

​Is it better to take the dietary supplement in the morning?

  • Yes

​If I forget to drink it in the morning can I take it at lunch?

  • Yes

CYCLEDOUX help prevent the menstruation pain?

  • If no discomfort related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) has been noticed, it won’t be useful to take CYCLEDOUX.

Is it true that CYCLEDOUX, which reduce the PMS, can also relieve the premenopause symptoms?

  • Women with PMS face similar hormonal issues during premenopause.

​I’ve heard that the menopause and premenopause can last several years, should I keep on taking CYCLEDOUX during these periods?

  • The premenopause can last a few years, but this is transitional. CYCLEDOUX can be use as long as symptoms persist.
    On the other hand, once menopause is confirmed, the use of ​CYCLEDOUX is not recommended anymore.​ ​You can start taking MENOAIDE.

What are the ages targets of CYCLEDOUX and MENOAIDE?

  • CYCLEDOUX is dedicated to all women from puberty to menopause and MENOAIDE is only dedicated to menopaused women.
    Usually, the pre-menopause affects women between 45 and 55 years old. We call post-menopause, the period running two years after the last menstruation.
    Still, in some cases, the menopause can start earlier or later.

I’m taking pills to relieve my premenstrual syndrome.
However I wish to stop the pills and switch to CYCLEDOUX.
How can I proceed?

  • Stop first your current treatment, do a detox (using for instance the black radish), then start CYCLEDOUX.

Can CYCLEDOUX increase the risk of breast cancer?

  • ​In case of known hormonal problems the product is not recommended.

Can I use if if I am pregnant?

  • ​If you are pregnant, you need to stop CYCLEDOUX.

Can I take CYCLEDOUX if my periods come back while breastfeeding.?

  • No

Can I take the medication if I have blood pressure?

  • Yes, you can but you would have to make sure to regularly monitor your blood pressure.

I​s there an immediate effect?

  • The medication effects can be felt a few​ weeks after you start the treatment.

Do I need to stop taking CYCLEDOUX during my period?
I‘ve heard about another dietary supplement against SPM that had to be stopped during menstruation.
Why is it better to take CYCLEDOUX continuously?

  • We advise to take it continuously in order to improve the regulation of your hormonal cycles.

Taking a daily medication is challenging for me. Could I simply take one capsule a day or limit the intake to two weeks before my menstruation (especially when painful)?

  • For the product to be effective it is necessary to take the recommended dose
    without interruption.

Should I stop the medication once in a while to mark a pause?

  • For CYCLEDOUX it is better to take it continuously.
    For MENOAIDE, you could stop it for two or three weeks after a few months, then start the treatment again.

Are CYCLEDOUX ( or MENOAIDE) organics?

  • No, they are not. But, the raw materials are controlled and the pills themselves are made of natural ingredients. They are made of pullulan, a 100% natural complement.