Isn’t it wonderful to be a woman?

Have the privilege of giving life, and lead an interesting professional life at the same time. Being close to children, while taking responsibility for work.
The drawback, and we are all aware of this, is that belonging to the female sex requires constantly adapting to changes, reflections of the different phases of life experienced by women. The little girl becomes a teenager. Then the girl enters for a few decades the period of genital activity, with the possibility of giving birth.
The children are growing up. A few years go by. The body, physiologically, tends towards a new functioning. The next steps are premenopause, then menopause.
All these stages are managed by a logical and very well orchestrated hormonal regulation.
Over the course of life, each woman experiences all these changes in her body. Each period mentioned is accompanied by disorders which are too often suffered and considered to be « normal ».

Even if the hormonal variations punctuate her life, the woman remains woman throughout her existence. At all times her femininity must be able to flourish.

Why do you have to suffer every month worry about the next menstrual cycle with its train of small ailments such as stomach pain, breast tension, anxiety, irritability?
Why are the hot flashes, weight gain, irritability, often present, approaching menopause?

Mother Nature provides us with plants which are a natural aid to make these painful moments smoother.
To support women in their quest for well-being, “Intime organic paris” strives to bring together in its food supplements, what nature offers us so generously.

Annick SIZUN,
PhD in Pharmacist
Advisor to the brand Intime organic Paris

Dr Annick Sizun