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Female well-being

The first choice of the INTIME ORGANIQUE PARIS laboratory is female well-being.

article april 2019

Can we describe the woman in a few words? The diversity of female representation over time is obvious. The place, the historical events, are often decisive.

Women, through the ages

If it is difficult to have an idea of the feminine feeling in past times, the heritage of artistic creations allows us on the other hand to guess the ideal image of the woman.

All started in Prehistory. Archaeological findings suggest that this period sees women as the symbol of fertility.

During the Greek period of Antiquity, the feminine ideal became attached to the physical representation where the harmony of the body is essential. The woman of the Middle Ages must enter into very precise criteria: broad shoulders, small breasts, narrow hips, plump belly, to be blond and unvarnished.

With the Renaissance, the notion of femininity reappeared. The make-up acquires its letters of nobility. The woman puts on makeup to highlight her face.

Thus, the woman must correspond to the “standard” of each era.

The French Revolution sees the first signs of recognition of women, who start to claim certain rights in terms of their statute. In Europe, the First World War was an important turning point. Women work in factories or on farms and are forced to replace the men who went to the front and take charge of their lives.
A sign of female emancipation, this status. never stopped to evolve since. Education becomes compulsory for men and women. Responsibilities are starting to be shared.

So the world has long been focused on men. The woman was confined to the role of mother, of servant. And even if in the past women have played a significant role, the majority have had to live in submission in the shadow of their companion…

Let’s be happy to live today. We can think, decide and choose, remembering that this advance is recent…